Our Christian Center

Child Daycare Center

More than 100 toddlers and babies of various religious and social backgrounds are taken care of at our daycare center on five days a week. Every single one of them is unique and a gift temporarily entrusted to us. So we make individual care and support of each child our priority. The curriculum tailor-made to this age group ensures an excellent introduction to primary education and a grounding for the children to start school. We help them to develop their skills and abilities, to discover their gifts and nurture their personality.

The new bright and spacious classrooms located within convenient reach of Beit Al Liqa’s other facilities, such as our outdoor and indoor playground, provide ample opportunity for the kids to play, romp about, exercise and explore.

Children find a loving home away from home with us, a place to feel safe and sound. Christian values are central to the entire ministry. By teaching the children to be peacemakers and sowing the seeds of Christ's love into their lives, e seek to help raise a generation of peace. Many of these children keep coming back to attend Beit Al Liqa’s other kids’ programs and events. Some even stay with us all the way into young adulthood.

One essential part of our daycare ministry is building rapport with the parents. Through constant parent-teacher communication, parent counselling and assistance, it is our aim to ensure requirements for the children’s welfare and wholesome growth are met not only at the daycare center but also at home.

Our daycare center is run by qualified Christian and social education professionals.

Our daycare center is run by qualified Christian and social education professionals.


Since March 2012 Beit Al Liqa' has been proud owner of an indoor playground, the so-called PeaceArk. It consists of a spacious play and climbing area as well as a dedicated toddlers’ corner. Parents and Beit Al Liqa’s overnight guests are welcome to while away the time over a latte, chatting with friends in the integrated café serving a range of scrumptious hot sandwich meals, crispy salads, delicious cakes and snacks. The PeaceArk makes for a perfect addition to the overall ministry. It is not only used during the cooler season as a meeting place for families but also during the lengthy hot season as a refuge from the scorching sun. By now, our indoor playground has made a name for itself beyond the Bethlehem region.

The PeaceArk welcomes visitors six days a week. In addition, it is open to kindergarten and school classes. In the afternoons it is also a popular place for kids’ birthday parties.

The PeaceArk is a great place for families to meet and mingle in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It is also a marvellous opportunity to make our visitors acquainted with Beit Al Liqa’s other programs.

Public outdoor playground

In 2000, the first public playground in the entire Bethlehem province was built on Beit Al Liqa’s premises. Since then there has been a steady flow of visitors, many of them regulars, to our garden/playground spending a significant part of their leisure time here. We are a favorite destination for field trips taken by schools, churches and other organizations. With a warm climate for most of the year, celebrating family festivities and birthday parties in the great outdoors is very common in this part of the world, so Beit Al Liqa’s garden is a frequent site for such events too. People love meeting under our age-old fig tree with its vast crown and chatting with friends and family. We often sit with them, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Since most people here do not get the chance to venture beyond the Palestinian territories that often, Beit Al Liqa’ to many is the only ‘holiday island’ within reach.

Beit Al Liqa, Kinderspielplatz aussen für die ganze Familie
In Beit Jala, Beit Al Liqa' is called
"the soul of the city."

Summer camps

Beit Al Liqa’s annual highlight is our three-week summer day camp during the long summer holidays. On average, 150 kids regularly flock to our premises to attend camp which is open from Monday through Friday.

For many years our camps have revolved around specific themes. For instance, one year camp was all about Africa, and another year we ‘travelled’ to China, explored the secrets of the sea or were on a mission to find ‘superhero’. A typical camp day starts off with a Bible lesson. The stories, teaching units, Bible memory verses and talks are a great inspiration to the kids. We teach them about the lives of people in other countries and cultures, and what issues they struggle with. We also pray for missionaries and take up a collection for mission projects. After this session, the children are excited to try their hand at the various game stations and workshops, such as crafts, dance, Olympic Games, cookery and discussion round, or are off to romp about in the outdoor playground or to conquer the Peace Ark.

The summer camps are a time for the children to recharge their spiritual batteries and grow in faith. Many children commit their lives to the Lord for the very first time. ven children without a Christian background regularly participate in these camps.
For teens and youngsters, we offer overnight tent camps and other events during the summer holidays.

Weekly events

Our monthly programs are aimed at children, teenagers, adolescents and women. With mostly traditional Christians in attendance, the meetings are about nurturing fellowship, renewing contacts and studying the Word of God together. Traditional Christians mostly participate in these encounters. We encourage them to reflect on the foundation of their faith and to truly align their lives according to the Bible.

Beit Al Liqa' is a non-profit organization registered with the Palestinian Administration. A non-denominational organization, it is a member of the Council of Local Evangelical Churches in the Holy Land (CLECHL). The center has a local board consisting of seven members.

Sport activities

Sport is key at Beit Al Liqa' Basketball Academy (BBA) operates four days a week (Mondays through Thursdays) and caters to children between the ages of 6 and 13. The Academy offers two levels of instruction - Basic and Intermediate - based on the students' knowledge, skills, and goals. An average of approximately 50 children participate on a weekly basis in this program.)

The Academy is designed to achieve two primary goals: to promote physical well-being and enhance basketball skills and to cultivate spiritual well-being by nurturing the students' relationship with Christ. During each training session, the Academy's coach and Beit Al Liqa’ spiritual programs team dedicate 10-15 minutes to devotional exercises, during which the students receive guidance on biblical principles and learn to communicate with God.

By emphasizing both physical and spiritual development, the Beit Al Liqa' Basketball Academy aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience that helps students achieve their full potential on and off the court.

In addition to the basketball court, we offer a small indoor swimming pool on our property. It is used for swimming instruction as well as for physiotherapy. The pool is also open for the participants of our kids, youth, and ladies’ ministry. It is also a beloved spot for relaxation for all those that are staying at our guest house.


What guests say about us:

I have been to Beit Al Liqa' several times. From the very first visit, I immediately felt comfortable in this house. I felt taken care of in an atmosphere of hospitality that not only made my life here pleasant but also made me feel that I am among fellow Christians who strive to make this place a meeting point in this city. Since then, I have always been happy to come back here.

Manfred Siebald im Beit Al Liqa
Manfred SiebaldTheologian & Christian singer-songwriter, Germany

Whenever I take a tour group to Israel, a visit to Beit Al Liqa’ is a must. The Center is not a holy island cut off from the rest of the world, but a place of hope in a challenging place. God is at work there. And it is obvious that Jesus, whose birthplace is just a few miles away, is the Master of the house - thank God! We’ll be back for sure!

Christoph ZehendnerJournalist, theologian & Christian singer-songwriter, Germany

As one of the first groups to stay at the brand new guest house at Beit Al Liqa‘ while touring the Holy Land, we didn’t regret our choice for one minute! It is an accommodation we can highly recommend. We will certainly set up base there again on our next trip. It is obvious that there are devoted Christians at work there. Something definitely worth supporting.

Alexander & Caroline SchickTheologian & Dead Sea Scrolls expert, Germany´